Fit Together in Action February

Fit Together in Action February News

Kids Marathon

We are excited to announce that Torrington Kids Marathon- that’s right 26.2 miles is back on this year. Fit Together will once again support this super event and cheer all participants on as they finish their marathon on Sunday, June 5, at the Torrington High School track.

Training for the 26.2 mile journey will start in area schools the week of March 14.   Look for a welcome email with school signup sheets and information to help get your school team ready. Then throughout April and May, event coordinator Tim Gaffney and Kids Marathon Champions from various Torrington High School sports programs plan to help with schools with their training with motivation, tips and tricks.

The goal is for participants to complete 25.2 miles during gym class or after school, depending on the schools preferred method. You can decide what will work best for you.

June 5 participants will complete their final mile in front of family and friends- celebrating all the hard work and dedication they put into completing the 26.2 miles.

Let’s get ready to run! If you are interested in joining the 2022 Torrington Kids Marathon please contact:  Jessica Stewart Fit Together Coordinator  860-806-1825 or

 “Winning is Finishing, Finishing is Winning.”  Olympian, Rod Dixon creator of the Kids Marathon.”


Love Your Heart- February is National Heart Health Month!

Here are some heart health guidelines from the American Heart Association:

  • Get Active
  • Eat Well
  • Control cholesterol
  • Manage Blood Pressure
  • Reduce Blood Sugar
  • Maintain a healthy weight for you
  • Quit Smoking

A small change a day goes a long way - start loving your heart today with these great activities: Heart Activities

Family Meal Time

When families eat together, amazing things happen. Let’s bring health and well-being into everyone’s. Owning your moment can be as simple as enjoying a family meal together. Study after study has shown the varied, lifelong benefits of family meals.

Family Meals


Hoppin’ John Salad

Celebrate Black history month with this African heritage recipe. A twist on Hoppin’ John it is a creative take on a traditional African heritage favorite. The recipe combines black-eyed peas, kale, and quinoa with a light vinaigrette for a chilled salad that makes an eye-catching entrée or side.

Get Recipe

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