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Partner Highlight: Torrington Middle School

Torrington Middle School (TMS) is one of Fit Together’s partner schools. TMS’s Fit Committee recently embarked on a fitness campaign called the 12 Days of Winter Fitness Challenge. The challenge started on December 7th and ended on December 22nd. Teachers, nurses, building administrators, and the TMS Fit Committee recorded and presented one fitness challenge daily to promote fitness and wellness to our students.

Students watched the hilarious TMS staff-created exercise-fitness videos, which included challenges such as Polar Bear Push Ups, Reindeer Kicks, Tinsel-Twists, Snowy Mountain Climbers, or the fan-favorite Snowball Squat Jumps. The videos allowed our students to see us in a more lighthearted manner as we engaged in the day’s fitness challenge. Our goal was to introduce micro-exercise activities in a fun way to encourage students and families to incorporate them into their daily lives.

The TMS Fit Committee’s mission is to promote and raise awareness of healthy habits and wellness. In addition, we want to inspire our community to be more active by doing fun exercises at home or with the Community Fitness Trail at the TMS campus. Thus, our next goal is to finish the trail with educational materials to teach people how to use it!



How Sleep Habits Affect Healthy Weight

If you think your child gets enough sleep, you could be wrong. According to the National Sleep Foundation, most kids sleep less than their parents realize.

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Worksite Wellness-

World Health Esteem Month in January is a month to appreciate ourselves for who we are now and the small choices we make to enhance our lives without making any resolution.

What is “Health Esteem”?  Health Esteem is a new category of fitness and diet that integrates positive self-esteem, embracing who you are now, along with changes you would like to make. World Health Esteem Month challenges the traditional notion that January is a month of depriving ourselves via empty promises and resolutions based on social “ideals.” Please click on the link below to read more about this new, sustainable tradition for wellbeing.

Health Esteem


Cucumber Sandwich

Bring a bit of summer to January with this creamy, crunchy cucumber sandwich recipe. All kids love cucumbers right?

The cream cheese-yogurt spread complements the crisp refreshing cucumber while the hearty flavor and texture of the whole-wheat bread holds everything together.

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