Healthy Habits Photo Contest

Fit Together's Healthy Habits Photo Contest

We know its even harder to keep our healthy behaviors during the COVID 19 pandemic.  So, let’s share photos of ourselves and inspire others. Get your exercise, eat well and be safe…. It will help with stress, energy and overall well-being.

To enter take a photo that fits into one of three categories:

Exercise, Healthy Food, or  "5-2-1-0" 

Upload your picture, with a short description and submit to be entered into the contest.

Win gift cards!

  • Weekly- $25
  • Monthly- $50
  • Yearly- $100

Photos will be voted upon and those with more votes will receive a higher chance to win the prizes.
So, take a cool photo of you exercising and then get your friends to vote for it!


Here are a few shots we have taken!

Exercise: Morning run through the fields with Daisy

Healthy Food: Home-made Pizzas

5-2-1-0: Promoting the message

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