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How to Implement a Healthy After School Routine

After-school time can feel just as chaotic as school mornings!

But a healthy after school routine makes this time feel less stressful and help your kids build good time management habits for life. 

After School Six Steps for a Healthier Routine


Family Bike Rally September 23 12-4pm

Bike Rally Flyer 2023


Could School Water Fountains help address childhood obesity?

In a test program, 18 California elementary schools are promoting the "Water First" program, which aims to combat childhood obesity by making fresh tap water readily available in cafeterias, playgrounds and high-traffic areas. Researchers with the program found that although the program didn't reverse weight gain, it did slow the rate of childhood obesity, according to the findings published in


Fit Together Mini Grants have supported installing touchless water fountains in five of our partner sites:

PAL Armory, YMCA Winsted, YMCA Torrington, Oliver Wolcott School Technical High School, Goshen Center School


Worksite Wellness- National Immunization Awareness Month


August is National Immunization Awareness month, making this a great opportunity to remind your employees to get their appropriate vaccines.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, thousands of American adults get sick each year from diseases that vaccines can prevent.

Please click on the link for CDC’s 5 reasons it is important for adults to get vaccinated: Reason to get Vaccinated


Zucchini & Tomato Casserole

The combination of sweet tomatoes and zucchini with melted cheese in this zucchini-tomato casserole tastes like a summer-fresh pizza.

It's the perfect easy side dish for any summer meal.

Get Recipe


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