Fit Together 5210 in Action –January 2019

Fit Together 5210 in Action –January 2019

Empowering Families to Live Healthier

Fit Together is excited to be teaming up with the Northwestern CT YMCA to provide a new family wellness program called Fit Together Families- healthy weight and your child.

Fit Together Families is a 25-session evidence-based program for children with obesity delivered over four months. The intensive family-based weight-management program focuses on nutrition education and physical activity to encourage healthier eating habits and an active lifestyle to reach a healthy weight.

The program is designed with the whole family in mind, engaging a child and adult in education, healthy eating and physical activity to help families learn skills to live a healthier lifestyle long-term. Evidence shows that child weight-management programs are more effective when the whole family is involved and committed to adopting healthier habits.

Each session has a physical activity and a group discussion component. Some of the topics included are; healthy eating, portion control, grocery store tour, food label reading, and internal and external triggers.

To qualify for participation the child must be 7-13 years old and must carry excess weight, with a body mass index of the 95th percentile or higher. They also must receive clearance from a healthcare provider or school nurse to participate in physical activity.  Finally, an adult MUST attend all sessions with the child.

Classes forming now! First session starting March 2019 at the Torrington YMCA.

For more information call Carla: 860-496-6676


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