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Fit Together Partner Highlights- Kordas Korner Preschool

Kordas Korner Preschool is one of Fit Together’s newest 5210 Healthy Habits partner. They wanted to kick off the initiative with a Healthy Summer 5210 Challenge during camp to see how both students and teachers could meet their daily 5210 goals. Sheila Kordas the director also is busy with their school garden which is full of fruits, veggies, flowers and herbs for the kidos to experience.  We are happy to expand our partners to include this new early childcare site.

For more information about 5210, please contact Jessica Stewart, Fit Together 5210 Youth and Families Coordinator at (860)806-1825 or

National Parks and Recreation Month!

July is National Park and Recreation Month! Celebrate the important role parks and recreation agencies play in promoting health and wellness.

Find resources:     Torrington P&R          Winsted P&R

Water: How Much Do Kids Need?

Water is one of the body's most essential nutrients. People may survive a few weeks without any food, but they couldn't live more than a few days without water. That's because water is the cornerstone for all body functions. It's the most abundant substance in the body, averaging around 50 to 70 percent of body weight. It helps keep body temperature constant, and it transports nutrients and oxygen to all cells and carries waste products away. Water helps maintain blood volume, and it helps lubricate joints and body tissues such as those in the mouth, eyes and nose.

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Summer Squash: Stuff It, Bake It, Grill It

When it comes to summer squash, such as zucchini, patty pans and yellow crooknecks, you've got options. You can stuff it, bake it, steam it, roast it or grill it. Or even eat it raw on salads or dip pieces into hummus. Read More

Zucchini Pizza Boats

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Zucchini Brownies

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