For Families

Parents and/or guardians are the single biggest influence on a child. Babies start imitating their parents almost immediately, smiling when they smile, laughing when they laugh. They watch your every move and listen to everything you say. They follow your lead. Eating is no different, and the way parents talk about food, cook meals and eat are the most important influence of developing healthy eating habits on a child.

With that, it's important that parents set the foundation for a healthy child. Eat healthy, stay away from sugary beverages, limit the amount of screen time you watch as well, embrace and implement the 5-2-1-0 philosophy at home. Live it each and every day! Your kids are watching you so you must lead by example. You are their role models!!!


Silver Level families agree to: (in addition to Bronze)

  • Provide Daily Healthy Snack options 
  • Engage in fun physical activities every weekend with your children ( sign up at bottom of page to receive on what's happening locally)
  • During the summer, visit farmers markets for fresh local fruits and veggies each month

Gold Level families agree to: (in addition to Bronze and Silver)